'Sister Wives' Kody and Robyn Keep Me Hooked With Baby #17

kody robynOh boy! Really, I mean that literally. As in, it's a boy for Kody Brown and his fourth wife Robyn, who welcomed baby Solomon on Wednesday. Congrats!

On the off-chance that you're not already aware, this kid is a pretty big deal: Not only is he the first child for Kody and Robyn (who has three kids from a previous marriage), Solomon is the 17th addition to the Brown family at large.

So if you're keeping track (which I totally am), as of today, we're at 1 Dad, 4 Moms, and 17 kids.

Seventeen kids at the Brown residence(s), 19-plus at the Duggar home ... reality TV show families just keep on getting bigger and bigger. And I can't look away.


I guess it makes sense that I'm curious about how big families interact and function on a daily basis; as an only child, the dynamics of a brood in the double digits are about as foreign to me as those of a pack of wolves

My obsession probably started with Jon & Kate Plus 8 and snowballed from there: Wow, eight kids! Look at all of 'em running around! It's like a zoo in that house! Fascinating!

Then I must have gotten a little bit greedy. I don't care what anybody says, eight isn't enough! I want to watch what happens when a family gets so big, the only car capable of seating all of them is a secondhand hockey team's bus! I want to live vicariously through parents who do more bulk shopping than the average restaurant.

Part of me feels kind of guilty for my bizarre interest in these oversized clans. The kind of guilt I'd have after walking through a circus sideshow (if those still exist): I know her life must be hard, but I just had to see that bearded lady!

Still, maybe that's pointless. Because, like bearded ladies, these extra-large families are willingly putting themselves on display. It's not like I'm looking through their windows with a pair of binoculars. And I know Solomon Brown, lucky # 17, didn't ask to be born into his family. But the fact that he's here now does make me want to watch Sister Wives that much more. 

Are you fascinated with the Browns and the Duggars?

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