Carrie Ann Inaba Is NOT the Only Celeb to Have a Secret Online Dating Profile!

She is gorgeous, talented, funny, and sweet on Dancing With the Stars, but when it comes to real life dating, Carrie Ann Inaba had to use the same methods as "regular" people. According to Access Hollywood, she met her fiance online. Hard to believe, but true.

Forty-three-year-old Inaba told Access Hollywood: "I met him on eHarmony!" "Him" is fiance Jesse Sloan, to whom she became engaged in March. To create her online profile, Inaba, a judge on DWTS, kept her identity secret at first. There was no photo. All she said she was looking for was a sexy man. She also said she liked cats. While I am shocked (SHOCKED!) that the latter statement actually helped her land a man, the rest shows women (and celebs) everywhere that some men aren't merely looking for the hottest catch. They may even READ the profile.

Stunning news, indeed. But she isn't the only star who needs a little dating help. I've helpfully prepared some dating profiles for other stars in case they need them. Here they are:


Jennifer Aniston

  • Occupation: Down-home girl who likes to party, tan, and dodge pregnancy rumors.
  • Likes: Hanging out with "friends"; serially dating.
  • Looking For: Dude who can blow-dry my hair stick straight and perfect. Must be willing to give me baby ASAP. Must not be into cameras, tabloids, or that good for nothing skank Angelina Jolie.

Ashton Kutcher

  • Occupation: Kept man.
  • Likes: Parties, practical jokes, and Striptease the movie (strippers, too!).
  • Looking For: A discrete and classy woman who is slightly more literate than a goat and doesn't speak to the tabloids. Women with children are OK but only if they are rich and much older. Actually, scratch that. Be young. Be slutty.

Mel Gibson

  • Occupation: Paranoid freak, conspiracy theorist, Anti-Semite, sometimes actor, and former hottie.
  • Likes: I worry sometimes that aliens will kidnap me, place probes in my anus, and ship me off the land of all Jewish people. I also hate cops, especially female ones. 
  • Looking For: Female cops who like to be called "sugar tits."

Lindsay Lohan:

  • Occupation: Drinking, drugging, and partying.
  • Likes: I am a wiz at home decorating, especially smaller rooms with bars on the windows and toilets in the open.
  • Looking For: Girls, boys, makeup artists who can apply blush better than me.

Angelina Jolie:

  • Occupation: Academy Award winning actress, UN Ambassador.
  • Likes: Blood in vials, birthing, and adopting.
  • Looking For: Man who has never been married. I am not a husband stealer. Usually. Also, I am not married, so it's totally cool.

What celeb would you like to see have an online profile?


Image via ABC

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