Death of Amy Winehouse Finally Explained

amy winehouseEver since Amy Winehouse passed away in late July, the details about the cause of her death have been sketchy. The initial autopsy was inconclusive, showing no traces of illegal drugs in her system. Her father, Mitch, claimed that he believed she died from the shock of alcohol withdrawal. But nothing's been certain and the whole thing has been sort of a mystery ... until now.

A British coroner ruled today that Amy's official cause of death was actually alcohol poisoning. A pathologist said that the singer had consumed "a very large quantity of alcohol," which put her blood alcohol level at more than five times more than the legal drunk-driving limit. And her doctor said the singer had resumed drinking in the days before her death, after a period of abstinence.


As sad as it is to hear that Amy did ultimately fall victim to her inner addictive demons, there's a lot of merit to knowing the truth here. Speculation -- especially of the variety coming from her family, the thought that she died from withdrawal -- wasn't helping anyone. The idea that attempting to quit could lead to death seems especially dangerous. We're all better off knowing that it was actually a relapse that led to Amy's demise.

From a medical and health standpoint, it seems important to know the truth, because there was speculation that the prescription drug Librium -- which Amy was taking to help her with the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal -- was involved somehow. However, the coroner says that it played no role in her death. 

What's more, having to play guessing games about why a loved one has passed away must be an incredibly frustrating experience. Thus, the singer's family, friends, and fans alike will hopefully be able to have a greater sense of closure now.

While there could never really be a "silver lining" here, we can at least now take heart in the fact that Amy's tragic story has been given an accurate ending. And hopefully, this conclusive report will allow the talented young woman who died far too soon to finally rest in peace.

What do you think about the real cause of Amy Winehouse's death?


Image via John W. Schulze/Flickr

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