Jacqueline Laurita Stripper Rumor Just Makes Her ‘Housewife’ Worthy

jacqueline lauritaI swear, I would have bet my life that this rumor/fact/whatever would eventually see the light of day. You guys: It's being reported that Jacqueline Laurita of The Real Housewives of New Jersey -- who hails from the great city of Las Vegas -- used to be a stripper.

According to a source in the super factual periodical, In Touch, Jacqueline "has confirmed her stripper past to multiple friends who are covering up for her." The source also said, "She is telling everyone to deny it!” It's even supposedly the real reason she didn't show up for the RHONJ reunion. In Touch reports that “she feared that Danielle Staub would make a surprise appearance and tell all about Jacqueline’s stripping past. She didn’t want to face the truth!”

Hmm ... do I think this is true? Not sure. I mean we really don't know much about her Las Vegas past. But do I give a rat's ass? Hell no, I don't.


As a Housewives fan, I'm just going to put this out there: I am really sick and tired of hearing about all the cast members' pasts already. Unless they murdered someone, who cares? They're women without jobs on a reality show. They're not running for office. It has no bearing on my fan-ship if Jacqueline Laurita took her clothes off for money or if Melissa Gorga had an awful perm. I don't look up to these women. I watch them because they're entertaining. And I think -- I hope -- the majority of other fans agree.

As much as I enjoy watching all the Real Housewives, I'm really tiring of reading about them and their checkered histories in every tabloid. Especially the ladies of New Jersey. It's like, of course there's going to be tons of dirt spilled about them -- they're all in competition with one another. They're the people who are leaking it!

So, if Jacqueline was a stripper, good for her; do you, girl. And if she wasn't, same thing goes. No lint off my sweater. It's not like she's ever going to be running my country, for God's sake. The purpose she serves in my life is pure entertainment. Nothing more and nothing less.

Do you think Jacqueline was a stripper? Do you care?

Image via Bravo

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