Steven Tyler Damages Rockstar Rep in Bad Bathroom Fall

Steven TylerIs anyone else a little worried about Steven Tyler today?

The Aerosmith frontman reportedly slipped and fell in the bathroom in a Paraguay hotel room on Tuesday, cutting his face and dislodging two of his teeth. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he got stitches and had some emergency dental work done. He's now said to be back in that same hotel room, recovering, and in good condition, but a concert Aerosmith had been scheduled to give in the South American country will be postponed, at least for one day.

So what happened? Why did Tyler take a tumble?


The local concert promoter blamed Tyler's fall (which a hotel bellboy said happened while the rocker was showering) on dehydration and gastrointestinal problems. His manager said it was "food poisoning."

Of course, that's a perfectly plausible explanation. But given the fact that Tyler spent at last half of his recent memoir, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? recounting his long-term love-hate relationship with drugs (the other half of the book is about sex and rock-and-roll), you could be forgiven for wondering if, perhaps, other factors may have been in play.

Tyler has made no secret of his substance-abuse struggles, but he has insisted those are all in the past for him. He maintains that he is now clean and sober and done with drugs for good. Let's hope so. Let's hope he really has turned his life around and kicked his addictions, and that this is not a replay of that time, a couple of years ago, when he fell off a concert stage and broke some bones. Only later did Tyler admit that drugs had played a role in that accident. Here's hoping they didn't play a role in this one, too.

Are you worried about Steven Tyler?


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