'DWTS' Results Recap: Chaz Bono Is a Hero, Too

The results show for Dancing With the Stars was a highly charged and emotional episode with a surprise departure that was probably correct, but still painful to see. First things first, though. The one who didn't go home was the biggest shocker of all. Maksim Chmerkovskiy lives to dance another day.

He was so disrespectful to the judges and it was even worse on Tuesday night. "This is my show," he said, clearly perturbing the judges. And who could blame them? Even though he was in the bottom two (which isn't a reflection of his scores, actually), he was saved. The person who actually went home will be revealed below.


It was Chaz Bono's turn to go. And while, in terms of dancing, he probably needed to go, it was still sad to see him depart. This was especially true because there seemed to be some bad blood between Chaz and Bruno Tonioli.

Throughout the show, Bruno told Chaz he looked like an Ewok and was cute and cuddly. He referred to Chaz as a penguin and said a number of things that hurt Chaz's feelings.

Chaz later said the reason he did the show was for people to get a sense of a different kind of man. He also said that had he been able to watch someone like him as a kid, his childhood may have been different. If that isn't amazing, then what is?

If you didn't like Chaz because of dancing, well fine. But if you don't like Chaz because he is transgendered, then you aren't a nice person. Period. There isn't much more to it. Luckily for us, there are far fewer people who feel that way than those who support him.

I am happy Chaz stayed as long as he did because it did send a message. That message is clear. There are far more supporters and Chaz lovers than there are haters. If I take one message away from this season, then it's that.

It was Chaz's time to go, but he did a lot in his time on the show. And I am glad he did.

Do you think the elimination was fair?


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