'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Gives Sober Delinquency a Try

jenelle evansYes, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans was partying at a 21-and-over club with her pals Friday night, but no, she was not drinking. That's what she says, anyway. And you know what?

I actually believe her.

Look, I know I haven't always been easy on Evans. Can you blame me? In and out of rehab, multiple arrests, currently on probation for a possession of drug paraphernalia charge ... look, we all make mistakes. I get it.

Still, for awhile there it seemed like the 19-year-old was determined to crash and burn, and we all know her 2-year-old son Jace would have been the one left with the wreckage.

But this latest incident doesn't sound like one of her usual stunts ...


Maybe it's because the girl went to all the trouble of tweeting about her night's innocent nature on Saturday before anybody could even make any accusations:

"Sober fun at the club was awesome <3 family dinner tomorrow night can't wait :)"

Hey, it's possible she was just catching up with her buddies, right? Granted, she's underage and shouldn't have been at Club Barcelona in Fayetteville. North Carolina, in the first place, but that's technically the club's bad for letting her through the door.

Of course it's just as possible Evans was out boozing it up and her wholesome tweet was nothing but a lame attempt at damage control, but I think she deserves another chance. After all, we've already given her about a thousand chances, what's one more?

I guess the truth is, sometimes I look at Evans and see an obnoxious, hell-raising, irresponsible teen ... but other times, I look at her and see a scared, overwhelmed child with no coping skills (and an attitude problem).

So today, I'm looking through looking glass #2.

Do you think Jenelle Evans was really having "sober fun"?


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