Best Wishes to Robin Williams and His New (3rd) Wife!

Robin WilliamsHere's hoping three's the charm for Robin Williams.

Over the weekend, the Academy Award-winning actor and comedian wed Susan Schneider, a California-based graphic designer, at a ceremony held at a resort in Napa Valley, California. It's the actor's third marriage.

Not only were Hollywood A-listers like George Lucas and Billy Crystal there to wish the couple well as they exchanged vows, Williams' three kids from his previous two marriages -- Zachary, 28, Zelda, 22, and Cody, 19 -- were on hand as well.


It's lovely that Williams' kids showed up to support their dad and his new bride. You could be forgiven for having high hopes that this marriage will be the actor's not only third but final union.

For starters, the couple's got maturity on their side: Williams is now 60; Schneider is in her late 40s. She's also got her own career, heading up the graphic design firm Critical Eye Design. And she's a talented artist in her own right.

Plus, the couple is hardly rushing into anything: They've known each other for several years, and Williams has credited Schneider with helping to nurse him back to health after he had heart surgery in 2009. An auspicious sign, no?

What's more, there's something soothing about Schneider's artwork that makes me think she's probably the perfect complement for the actor's manic energy.

Also, Williams' has proven he's got a certain stick-to-itiveness: His previous marriage, to second wife Marsha Garces Williams, lasted 19 years before ending in divorce in 2010.

But most promising of all was Schneider's gush to the San Francisco Chronicle that she's "so excited and so thrilled" about getting hitched.

Aw, here's wishing the newly married couple many happy returns.

Do you think the third time will be the charm for Robin Williams?


Image via Charles Haynes/Flickr

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