Prince Harry Needs to Teach Ashton Kutcher How to Be a Man

prince harryOur Hare Bear may just be as perfect as we think he is. In San Diego for Apache helicopter training, Prince Harry has been seen out and about at downtown hot spots getting his drink and his flirt on with a bevy of well-appointed women. Everyone's falling in love with the ginger spare to the throne and I can totally see why. He came to the rescue of a girl who was thrown in a pool and now another lucky lady is speaking out about her encounter with our beloved Prince. She has nothing but nice things to say!

He might be a bona fide Prince Charming, or, on the other hand, maybe he just knows how to pick discreet women. In either case, Ashton should take note.


Princey Harry wooed a cocktail waitress earlier this month and invited her to have some beers with his buddies at a local pub. Nice! She says that Hare was the perfect gentleman -- they didn't kiss, they didn't do it the hot tub, they didn't do bong rips in the bathroom and take photos ... nope! It was good clean fun that would make everyone's mother proud.

The waitress, Jessica Donaldson, explains:

He is just a regular guy who enjoys a few beers with his buddies. He's really cool and down-to-earth and that's what I liked about him. I'm flattered he showed me attention but there is nothing more to it than that.

Honestly, Ashton could learn a thing or two from the way Harry is conducting biznas. It's a little different because Harry's not married and he's totally allowed to make out with whomever he pleases, but when you're a celeb, discretion is always the name of the game no matter if you're married or single. And Harry's been making some excellent choices.

He's being respectful. He's being prudent and sensible, and he's being humble and gracious. Everyone's singing his praises! I'm sure he's not without some flaws here and there, but the dude really knows how to win over the ladies and fans. And hey, even if he's banging the blondes in the champagne room, at least he's smart enough to have chosen ladies who don't kiss and tell.

Ashton cannot say the same. His story is all over the news -- e'rbody knows what he did. Mr. Kutcher should take some princely lessons from Hare. He's going to need all the help and advice he can get now that he's pretty much single. Harry should be able to point Ashton in the right direction.

Do you think Harry is a real-life Prince Charming?


Photo via Splash News

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