'Sister Wives' Recap: Janelle Is the Biggest Loser

meri and janelleHere's the deal: In my recap of this week's Sister Wives, I'm not going to make any comments about polygamy or criticize Kody Brown or contemplate the pros and cons of growing up as one of 16 children. Nope, not gonna do any of that, because when I think of last night's episode, a much greater injustice comes to mind. See, Janelle was forced to get on the scale in front of all the other wives and announce her weight to the world.

That's just not okay.


To be fair, Meri, Christine, and Robyn were required to do the same. It was all part of the group session with personal trainer Bob meant to launch a sort of "Sister Wives Get Healthy!" kick (hmm, I bet Michelle Obama had something to do with this).

But come on, it's obvious that Janelle is overweight. Did the poor woman really have to tell the country she weighs 271 pounds??

Janelle clearly did not want to get on the scale; she apparently never told anyone her weight before. Her physical appearance, she said, has always been her "Achilles' heel."

Again: Obviously. Already we've had to watch this lady stand by and watch as her husband frolicked about with newest addition Robyn (the lightweight of the group, Robyn tipped the scales at 158 pounds ... pregnant). We've had to watch her struggle with the career changes that went along with the family's move from Utah to Nevada (in my opinion, Janelle derived much of her sense of self from her role as a breadwinner).

And now this?? Oh, the indignity!

Only slightly comforting is the fact that Meri and Christine weren't too far behind Janelle (though they are significantly taller): Meri weighed 214 pounds; Christine weighed 222 pounds.

Still, I'm definitely feeling like Janelle could use a pep talk or something. Can we arrange a "Janelle's Day at the Spa" episode?

Did you feel bad for Janelle when she had to get on the scale?


Image via TLC

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