Memo to Pippa Middleton: A Bigger Ring Will Not Make You a Princess

The British tabloid The Daily Mail is reporting that Pippa Middleton's on-again, off-again boyfriend Alex Loudon is shopping for engagement rings and that whatever he gets, he has to be sure it's bigger than Kate Middleton's. If this is true (and I take everything I read there with a grain of salt), then she could use a lesson in sisterly love, stat.

Competition is one thing. It can be good to foster and even encourage in women and girls who are often demure about their abilities. But there is a huge difference between being slightly competitive and being overly obnoxious and wanting a bigger rock just to show up your sister. It crosses that line.

Even beyond Pippa and Kate (who received a gorgeous sapphire ring that belonged to Will's mother, Princess Diana), all women need to recognize that a big diamond isn't all that exciting.


Sure, when I first got engaged, I was obsessed with my engagement ring and used to stare at it all day. My ring is on the medium side, and at the time, I was obsessed with it. I used to stare at it sparkling all day at work.

Now, 10 years and two kids later, I have to laugh. Sure, I still love my ring, but you know what I love more? My amazing husband. He is a fabulous father, a supportive boyfriend (still), and my best friend all rolled into one. He could have given me a gumball ring and I would still feel like I hit the jackpot.

So why do some women still act like a big ring is the be all, end all? It's sad, really. If a sparkling rock really defines a woman and is what she believes makes her special, then she has a pretty sad life.

If the story about Pippa is true, one can kind of understand. Her sister has had the spotlight in such a big way and Pippa wants to shine, too. But a big ring isn't going to do it. No doubt it would be almost impossible for Pippa to top Kate given Kate married arguably the world's most eligible bachelor.

She (and all of us) is better off just realizing it isn't a competition where the winner gets the rock the size of Toledo. In fact, being happy is the goal. If she has that, she wins hands down.

Do you believe Pippa wants a bigger ring?


Image via comedy_nose/Flickr

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