'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reunion Recap: Caroline Lets Teresa Have It

caroline manzoSunday's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion picked up where last week's left off: Teresa Giudice versus the world. I've gotta be honest, it got old. It's like, we don't need to see -- for 75 headache-inducing minutes, I might add; oh yes, Bravo milked an extra 15 minutes out of the MENSA meeting that was the New Jersey Housewives reunion -- that Teresa sucks. This we know. I mean, yeah, watching her deny anything anyone says about her via throwing up her hands in the air, shaking her head, and offering an ad hominem argument is amusing, but come on, give us something else.

Although, Caroline did lose it a couple of times, so there was that.


Last week, Caroline stayed pretty mum throughout the craziness, but this week -- starting with the bringing up her of strained relationship with her sister, Dina -- she let it rip. And she held nothing back. That woman's hatred for Teresa runs deep.

For the most part, I like Caroline. But I also think that -- as many of the fans wrote in to say -- she thinks that, as a wise housewife once said, she's "up here" and everyone else is "down here." And sometimes it gets a little irritating -- even if she is the only sane person in a sea of crazy. But on part two of the reunion, I fully backed everything she had to say to Teresa. Although I could have done without her constantly saying to Melissa that she'd "like to leave." It's like, lady, what did you expect?

Stick a Sur La Table meat thermometer in Caroline because she is done with Teresa. Although she has a sharp tongue, typically, she keeps her cool. It was nice to see her lose it. She and Teresa will never be friends again. When she let her have it about Gia singing that song about Teresa and Joe's relationship at her birthday party? Hoooo! I was like, "Damn." Even though I agree with Caroline, that takes balls.

Bottom line is there clearly is some messed up stuff going on in the season they're currently shooting. They obviously couldn't talk about it, but it was danced around a few times, and I think that's where a lot of Caroline's anger came from, not just from what happened this past season. Soooo, looks like we're going to get a lot of the same -- if not worse -- in season four. I'm just wondering how much longer Teresa will be on the show. Although she's been good for drama, that woman is a one-trick pony. And, to me, at least, it's getting boring.

Would you like to see Teresa get kicked off of Housewives? Or are you on Team Giudice?


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