Mariah Carey's Adorable Twins Are Royalty in the Making

twin baby bootiesBy now you may have seen the perfect-looking photos of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's gorgeous twins, or you may have caught the 20/20 segment with Barbara Walters where the celebrity couple lets the mother of all interviewers into their home -- and the babies' lavish nursery.

Of course, it's a Barbara Walters interview -- meaning there are probing questions asked, deep secrets about infertility and miscarriages revealed, and of course a nice sprinkling of tears along the way. It's been said that Walters never met a person she didn't make cry. Okay, it hasn't really been said that way, but you've heard the jokes too.

But what struck me most about the video and the to-die-for photos was how completely over-the-moon cute the 6-month-old babies are -- a boy and girl name Moroccan and Monroe (Roc and Roe for short). So cute and coddled and immaculately dressed and coiffed, they could be royalty. American royalty.


Like all celebrity children, these two are clearly pampered to the nines. What normal babies get a nursery that looks like Nate Berkus designed it? Seriously, the Carey-Cannon twins could easily have slipped into Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding party without anyone batting an eye. In one photo, Monroe is even wearing a baby tiara, for heaven's sake.

So let's imagine for a second that some day, the United States will form its own monarchy and prop up its own princes, princesses, kings, and queens. Or, if you prefer, let's pretend that the U.K. will start letting Americans vie for the crown, kind of like we started letting actors from other countries compete for the Oscar. Most would be plucked from Hollywood, the offspring of our fave stars. Here are a few other celebrity children destined for the throne

Suri Cruise -- The Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise mini me is already showing a preference for high heels and elegant clothes. Plus the pint-sized girl struts around like she owns the world. She is totally regal, to the point of seeming precocious and haughty. My money is on Princess Suri.

Apple Paltrow -- She's a natural at the whole child-of-privilege thing, just like her famous mom Gwyneth. The blond cutie pie is a little more hipster glam than some other celebrity kids, but Apple already has all the confidence and grace of a princess. Watch out, Kate.

The entire Jolie-Pitt brood -- Take your pick: Shiloh (gender-bending tendencies and all), Vivienne, Knox, Maddox, Zahara, and Pax would all wear the crown with ease and finesse. They're the children of our most dazzling celebrity couple, so they're used to the role. Can't you just picture each one as prince or princess of a different country?

Prince Jackson -- Michael Jackson's son has the name going for him. How could he not be heir to a monarchy one day?

Louis Bullock -- Sandra's adopted baby boy looks like a suave little man in charge, and he's barely a toddler. He has a wise-beyond-his-years thing going that screams royalty.

What celebrity babies and kids do you think have the makings of royalty?


Image via Sarah Galasko/Flickr

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