Jennifer Lopez Loses It on Stage Over Breakups

Jennifer LopezSince we got the big shocker in July that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are divorcing, it's seemed that they both just kind of blinked, issued a statement about their sorrow, and moved on with their fabulous lives. This weekend J. Lo showed us that moving on from "true love" isn't as easy as just snagging a hottie like Bradley Cooper.

While playing a concert Saturday night in Montville, Conn., she got all emotional. Before singing "If You Had My Love," she said to the audience, "You want to talk about love? I can talk about love. Oh, the stories!" Then in something that sounds bizarre, she sang "Until It Beats No More" while dancers acted out scenes from her past relationships. 


According to People, "A Lopez lookalike danced with guys who looked a lot like her exes Diddy, Cris Judd and Ben Affleck." The final scene evoked memories of her and Marc Anthony's moving performance on American Idol in May, when we all thought they were sexiest, happiest couple on earth. "I took a trip down memory lane," she said, before breaking down.

One concert goer told "She only sang a few more songs and she was obviously out of it. Everyone was so sad for her. It was really dramatic."

Aw, poor J. Lo. Maybe if she wasn't pimping out all of her past relationships on stage she wouldn't be so sad. And how much you do you want to bet those tears were plotted and planned as part of the act from the beginning? Even if they were genuine, what a weird way to entertain people -- to show them all the men you've blown through over the years like a big illuminated brag book of sorts. Watch out Bradley, you're going to be added to the act next season.

I don't purport to know what's gone on in her marriages, nor do I think there is just "One Love" for everyone. But when you churn through marriages and men like they're just play things, then build them into your act, watching you act out your heartache over them just isn't going to elicit a whole lot of sympathy.

Do you think it's weird that Jennifer Lopez is acting out her past relationships on stage?

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