Lindsay Lohan May Not Be Such a Deadbeat After All

lindsay lohan mugshotSo after Lindsay Lohan's embarrassing first day on the job at the morgue, where she's been sentenced to community service for a dizzying array of petty crimes, it seems the heavily Botoxed fallen star is rising again -- or trying to, anyway.

Never shy about offering outlandishly lame excuses, LiLo explained her Day 1 tardiness by meekly claiming she couldn't find the entrance. Um, right, sure. We believe you, Lindsay -- you who have told so many tall ones your celebrity nickname could easily be LiarLo.

But I digress. She's now said to have been so mortified by her shameful debut among the stiffs -- and didn't want to look like a deadbeat a second day in a row -- that she went to bed early so she'd get there on time Friday.

And boy, did our wild girl have a ball, a little birdie told TMZ. She washed filthy sheets. She scrubbed icky toilets. And she actually seemed to be having fun.


She even showed a remorseful side by bringing the Los Angeles County Morgue staff cupcakes as an "I'm sorry" gesture for being late the day before. Never mind that some people thought it was a sneaky little bribe.

So is there hope for Miss Lohan after all? Come on -- even just a glimmer? The skeptical cynic in me says no way in hell. The girl is washed up, drugged out, and beyond help at the ripe old age of 25. My inner devil thinks she'll never learn her lesson, she's beyond redemption, and she'll always go right back to what she likes doing best: getting in trouble. She does seem to love all the bad-girl attention, doesn't she?

But the optimist in me says otherwise. My angelic side believes maybe Lindsay will grow up one day and turn herself around. Maybe she'll become a whole new person, find God, and start following in Mother Teresa's footsteps. Okay, okay, that's probably too much to ask. But maybe, at least, she'll finally lay off all the drugs, booze, and plastic surgery, stop acting like a nasty, coddled prima donna, and get back to making movies. Hell, it happened to Robert Downey Jr., who seemed like he was on his last legs about a million times. Maybe Lindsay will even figure out her sexuality, quit latching onto people who don't care about her, and find true love.

Too idealistic, do you think? Am I seeing Lindsay's world through rose-colored glasses? Probably, yes. She could easily go the way of Charlie Sheen and be a screw-up forever and ever and ever, amen, right before descending into full-on madness. But hey -- dare to dream, right? We could be seeing the start of a whole new LiLo: one who volunteers to help those less fortunate and isn't afraid to get down and dirty doing disgusting menial work.

Then again, we could just be seeing the calm before the next Lohan storm. No matter what, it's one hell of a roadshow.

Do you think there's any hope for Lindsay Lohan?


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