Dina Lohan's Tell-All Book About Lindsay Is the Ultimate Betrayal

dina lohan lindsay lohanIn this week's edition of things Lindsay Lohan really doesn't need right now, her mother, Dina Lohan, is supposedly shopping around a tell-all book she's written about her troubled daughter. TMZ has gotten their hands on the first few pages and Dina doesn't hold anything back. From Linds' drug use to her excessive partying to her Hollywood aspirations, the 49-year-old mother of three airs the family's dirty laundry like it ain't no thang. She's apparently still looking for a publisher but something tells me it won't be long til "Life with Lindsay Lohan: A Fame-Whore Mother Tells All" hits the bookstore shelves.

This is a terrible if not completely abhorrent idea that is one of the worst forms of betrayal I've ever heard of. Is money really that tight in the Lohan clan that Momma's gotta sellout her own daugher?


Maybe it is. Between Lindsay's legal fees, her bail, and her fines, the well might be drying up. Then throw on top of that Lindsay's alleged drug habit, that can't be cheap, and the fact that she hasn't really been working ... yikes. Perhaps they are in need of some cash flow.

Might explain also why sister Ali, oh excuse me, Aliana, is trying to get a modelling career off the ground. Any way to make a buck, I guess. I hope the little brother doesn't get involved in this mess. I swear, if Dina throws him on a reality show, or makes him do commercials, or sells "his side of the story", whatever the Lindsay story du jour might be, to the press, we're gonna have words.

I really hope this tell-all isn't real. It would just be too sad if it is. I know Lindsay's nowhere near perfect, but with parents like Dina and Michael, you can kind of understand why she is the way she is. They're pretty much the worst parents anyone could ask for.

Let's cross our fingers that this is some nasty rumor that's going around and that Dina didn't sit at home for three months thinking of ways to write about her daughter's decline. And if Lindsay does end up going to jail, and her mother is out selling and signing her book, god, that'd just be too tragic.

What do you think of a Lindsay tell-all written by Dina?


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