Rob Kardashian Teaches President Obama a Thing or Two

I have never seen an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but I do watch Dancing With the Stars and Rob Kardashian is growing on me. Now that he has also given President Obama a very classy response to Obama's revelation that he doesn't let his girls watch the show, I am even more impressed by him.

Initial reports said
the Kardashian family was "completely blindsided" and "surprised" by the President's comments. But Rob went on Ellen this week, and when he was asked about the Obama comment, he stayed pretty cool.

Here is what he said:


Well, obviously someone's watching in that White House. But no, to each his own. I understand he's trying to raise his daughters a certain way and that's fine. Everyone has an opinion. But you really learn a lot from our show .... There are no negative things on our show. There is always a positive message at the end of the day. But, go Obama!

So classy. He could have gone off and said how much it annoyed him and no one would have blamed him. After all, it's a little insulting. It's like Obama is saying he doesn't want his daughters to be like them. But Rob is cool with it and he even takes it to the next level by being supportive of the President who just dissed him.

I know nothing about the Kardashians, but everything I see tells me that Rob is a stand-up guy who knows when to keep his cool. From DWTS, it's also apparent that he has some depth and a lot of love for his family.

Watching him actually makes me want to watch back episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on On Demand. He could have used his fame to hurt Obama after Obama's comments. Instead he helped him.

Look at that: I LEARNED something from a Kardashian. Let it roll off my back, smile, keep my cool, and always be the bigger person. Obama might want to reconsider his position.

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Image via ABC

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