Taylor Lautner's Sexuality Is Part of His Brand

Taylor Lautner is hot stuff, so hot that generally everyone in the world wants him. That includes gay men, straight women, and everyone in between. So when GQ Australia asked Lautner if either openly gay director Gus Van Sant or writer Dustin Lance Black made a pass at him during a dinner meeting, it should have been taken exactly that way. Instead, it created a maelstrom.

Obviously, Lautner said they didn't. He said they were respectful of his sexual orientation and that should have been that. But Dustin Lance Black claimed that the magazine was perpetuating bad gay stereotypes and casting all gay men as sexual predators. He has a point. But he is also being a touch oversensitive.

But GQ Australia replied with this:


We’ve seen some of the comments floating around regarding our recent interview with Taylor Lautner and apologize if anyone was offended by anything in the article. ... It certainly wasn’t our intention to paint anyone in the story as a sexual predator.

It's nice of them to issue an apology, but celebrities really need to get over themselves. Reporters ask questions. That's what we do. People can answer or not answer them. But getting offended over a question is just silly.

It's just a question and it can mean 1,000 different things. Jumping on the most negative is oversensitive and silly. Obviously all gay men aren't predators. But to his point about whether or not GQ would have asked the same question about female directors, the answer is probably yes.

Why not?

Women AND men can be attracted to Lautner. Hell, house pets can be attracted to Lautner. It's kind of common knowledge that the man is hottie McHot Hot.

People just need to chill out a bit. GQ was nice to apologize, but there was no need, really. It was nothing to get upset over.

Do you think the question was that bad?


Image via GQ

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