Scarlett Johansson Will Rip Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Hipster Heart Out

scar jo joseph gordon levittIt looks like Scarlett Johansson's naked pics weren't such a bad thing after all. Forget that she's a beautiful and talented woman with a lot to offer in a relationship, that all goes out the window after you've seen her naked ass. I'm sorry, that thing was perfect. And maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt agrees with me. The buzz around the Hollywood water cooler today is that Scar Jo and Joseph are dating. Maybe he saw her scandalous self-portraits online and decided to tap that. Can you blame him?

It's just, this thing isn't gonna last, is it? Because, yeah, I don't approve. Scarlett's going to rip his poor, hipster heart out.


It's not that she's a man-eater necessarily (although her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds may think otherwise) ... it's just that Joseph seems to be the kind of guy that would be willing to be gobbled up by a woman and then spat out. OK, OK, maybe I'm assuming he's like the character he played in 500 Days of Summer, but that's not my fault. It's his. He was so convincing! It didn't seem like he was acting.

The rumor is that they were caught kissing last month at a night club in New York, but both reps are denying it. Only time will tell if these two are actually canoodling, but I'm hoping it's just all some big misunderstanding. I just don't see them having any chemistry. I see Joseph with someone more like a Kristen Stewart, or a Sandra Bullock, or I don't know, someone like me.

But I don't think we have to worry too much about these two -- Scar Jo's been spotted with a lot of guys recently so it seems that she's just playing the field, seeing what's out there. Between romantic dinners with her ex to Sean Penn to Bradley Cooper to Justin Timberlake to Kieran Culkin, girl's been having fun. Would our JGL beat out all those guys to win her heart?


Do you think Scar Jo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make a good couple?


Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty

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