Lindsay Lohan Finally Gets What She Deserves in Court

Is someone in the justice system finally sick of Lindsay Lohan's uncanny ability to slither her way out of legal repercussions with a mere slap on the wrist? It would appear that Judge Stephanie Sautner is the first person to be on Team Sanity when it comes to LiLo's troubles.

Lohan returned to court in Los Angeles today for a progress report, and for once, someone decided to call her on her bullshit. Instead of letting Lohan's apparent disregard for her probation slide, Judge Sautner not only ripped Lindsay a new one—she had her handcuffed and led from the courtroom by sheriff's deputies.


It turns out, surprise surprise, that Lohan hasn't exactly been taking her sentencing seriously. She had been ordered to perform community service at the Downtown Women's Center, but was terminated after being a no-show nine times and telling probation officers it was "not fulfilling work." Sautner rightly pointed out that it was hardly intended to be personally fulfilling, and went on to eye-roll Lindsay's lawyer's argument that her client had missed appointments due to being overseas.

"She's supposed to be an actress, from what I hear," the judge snarked, and suggested the novel concept that Lohan complete her community service before accepting film work that would prevent her from doing so.

Also, this fantastic exchange went down:

Lindsay's lawyer: "The report says Ms. Lohan has reached a turning point in her accountability and maturity."

The judge, incredulously: "Failing to show up nine times [to the shelter] is reaching a turning point in her maturity?"

Judge Sautner revoked Lindsay's probation (which she reminded Lohan was "a gift") and booked a new hearing for November 2, before setting her bail at $100,000 and ordering her to complete two days a week of service at the L.A. County Morgue before her November court date.

Sixteen hours in the morgue! God, that's awesome. Although they'd better watch the jewelry, I don't think I'd put it past Lindsay to gang a diamond earring or two from a dead body.

If you'd like to enjoy the sight of Lindsay Lohan in handcuffs and a startling amount of cheek contouring makeup, here's the money shot:

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As for Lindsay's future, well, let's be honest, it's probably more of the same. She'll be out on bail any minute now, since her bondsman appeared in court today. There's a chance she could get sentenced to nearly a year and a half in jail at her next hearing, but it's unlikely—the judge herself noted that new laws and overcrowding keep her hands tied.

Still, it's probably a good thing that there's at least one judge who is fed up with Lindsay's screwups. It sure doesn't seem like there's anyone else in her life who's going to encourage her—or force her—to take responsibility for her actions, and I can't help but believe that she's been getting special legal treatment all along because of her celebrity status. Maybe Judge Sautner will finally be the one to scare her straight ... or stick her in jail where she belongs.

Do you think Lindsay's gotten away with more than she should have in the court system so far?

Image via TMZ

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