'DWTS' Results Recap: JR Martinez Made His (Sexy) Move

Dancing With the Stars can often be predictable. Sometimes it's easy (like this week) to tell who is going to be eliminated. But even when that aspect is easy to see, it's still always able to throw in some surprises. This week, that comes from JR Martinez.

Is this man an angel or what? I am not sure I've ever seen a person more inspiring than Martinez. Burned all over his body when he was 19 and serving in Iraq, no one would have blamed Martinez if he became a bitter and angry person full of resentment at what he lost.

But he hasn't. He turned it all around, became an actor and inspirational speaker, and he wears his scars proudly. He is also one hell of a dancer. There was no way he was going home Tuesday night. In fact, the right person went home.


It was Carson Kressley's turn to bid adieu, and while we will all miss his humor and fun, he definitely was the weakest link.

Luckily, all of the remaining contestants are likable. Even Nancy Grace! But I think in the end, it will be between Martinez and Ricki Lake. Both are very inspirational, but Martinez is, of course, more so.

He is a really good, naturally gifted dancer who, despite being burned all over his face, is also incredibly sexy. I can't be the only one who thinks so, either. His smile and charm and positivity are infectious. I can't watch him without smiling.

When the show started, I had never even heard of him. Now I can't stop watching him on the show. He may be my favorite of all time.

I will miss Carson, but the show must go on and the right people stayed.

Do you love JR Martinez?


Image via ABC

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