Psychic John Edward Brings Marilyn Monroe Back From the Dead (VIDEO)

anderson cooper gloria vanderbilt john edwardPsychic John Edward, who you might recognize from a classic episode of South Park, made an appearance on Anderson Cooper's show, alongside Anderson's mama, Gloria Vanderbilt, yesterday. In an absolutely pre-Halloween perfect segment, the trio discussed a session in which Vanderbilt and the psychic were visited by a late and great celebrity ... Marilyn Monroe. Uh, what?!

Yeah, it actually freaked Edward out. Vanderbilt freaked a PSYCHIC out! He said that usually when he has a spirit named Marilyn show up, it's his client's aunt or grandmother ... not the Hollywood legend herself! But Vanderbilt said that she and Marilyn were actually very close. Interestingly, Anderson didn't seem to really know that about his mom!


But it's not that surprising. The two famous women were only a couple of years apart and both very much a part of the 1950s-early 1960s glitterati. I'm sure they really were BFFs, and that's saying a lot, considering that I think Marilyn was known by just about everyone famous at the time, but probably not super tight with just anyone.

And for her to come back and "visit" Gloria via John Edward? Not so crazy! Spooky, sure, but not that wacko. Having died (supposedly of a drug overdose, although I have my conspiracy theory suspicions that something fishy was going on) at only 32 years old, it's very possible she's "still with us," like Gloria says. (Perhaps because of unresolved issues? Isn't that one reason spirits hang around or contact the living?) Edward should keep working with Gloria -- maybe even do some kind of reality special -- and see how many other Tinseltown legends she can bring back! Regardless of how much it may freak out her son, she's obviously got the hook-up on old Hollywood!

Here's the video of Edward and Vanderbilt discussing the Marilyn "encounter" ...

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Do you believe Marilyn really paid these two a visit?


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