'DWTS' Recap: Ricki Lake Has a Big Stumble

Dancing With the Stars was a blast Monday night when they made the whole show an '80s party starring the Bangles, fluorescent costumes, scrunchies, and mini skirts. It was too much fun. But the real surprise of the night was how good the men were and, conversely, how poor the ladies were.

Ricki Lake has been the leader throughout and her Psycho dance last week was incredible. But this week, her '80s dance to "Easy Lover" left much to be desired. It was partly because her Roger Rabbit was off-rhythm, but also part because she just didn't seem that into it this week.

Meanwhile most of the men, especially JR Martinez and Rob Kardashian, were amazing.


This is really the week that will separate the men from the boys (so to speak). Tuesday night's elimination should probably be Chaz Bono or Nancy Grace.

It isn't because I don't love Chaz (I do), but the show is about dance, not popularity; Chaz is just not as good as some of the others. He could stay another week, but after Carson Kressley and Grace leave the show, Bono ought to go soon after.

At a certain point, the show does shift from being simply about who we like the best to who really dances the best, and right now, Bono isn't all that high. That said, with the last two eliminations, it's hard to know who will be that high. David Arquette was great this week, too. But as far as a real contender? Only Martinez seems a shoo-in.

It's still anyone's dance contest.

Who do you think will win?


Image via ABC

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