Robert Pattinson Is a Perfect Fit for Rock Opera Role

robert pattinsonWith the second to last Twilight movie lurking on the horizon like some sort of inevitable doomsday, I find myself wondering where my next Robert Pattinson fix will come from. Sure, he's done other movies (there was one that had something to do with elephants and Reese Witherspoon), but I think we'll forever know the 25-year-old actor as Edward Cullen. Unless of course he breaks out of the sci-fi rom-com role and does a 180, which he very well could. The latest rumor is that Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong wants RPatz to play the lead in the film adaptation of his hit musical, American Idiot.

RPatz? A punk-rock opera? I like where this is going.


First of all, we know that RPatz can sing. A musical movie would be a great way to show off his talents and to show us what he's capable of. I mean, yeah, I'd like to see him get all glittery and fly around in the trees too, but maybe it wouldn't hurt us to expand our minds a bit and allow RPatz to take on a new, very different role.

Second of all, he kind of already looks the part -- give him a snaggle tooth or two and he's a regular old Billie Joe/lead character, Christian. And third of all, if he's not going to break out from Edward now, then when will he? The whole cast of Twilight will likely try to find parts to play that will be completely opposite to their roles in the vampire saga, and this is Edward's RPatz's chance.

As a Green Day fan and an RPatz fan, I'm on board with this idea. Of course there will be those who don't think Robert's got the manliness nor the grittiness to pull off the brash part, but a poll on Entertainment Weekly's site reveals that 55 percent are for RPatz starring in American Idiot while 44 percent are against.

I thought that it'd skew toward the negative, that no one would want to see Robert sing and dance in a rock opera, but fans seem open to it. I guess the more RPatz we have in our lives, the better, no? Just hope he goes easy on the guy-liner.

Do you think he should star in American Idiot?


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