'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Schemes to Get Her Son Back

Jenelle Evans teen momIt looks like Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans may have tired of having to ask her mom for permission to see her own child. The lawyer for the mother of 2-year-old Jace says she's taking parenting classes and pursuing anger management with a plan to eventually regain custody of her son. But are a few parenting classes enough to make it happen?


Credit to Jenelle. Classes are a big step for the girl who has spent more of her on-camera time hanging out with a pothead loser and fighting with mom Barbara than actually parenting. And after a look at a schedule that carved out more "free time" than mother/son time, she needs a parenting expert to explain that it's more of a 24/7 job than something you can schedule around your busy "me time." Classes can help Evans prioritize her life as much as they can teach her the basics that a lot of teen moms -- not just Jenelle -- lack.

But they are not a quick fix.

This is a reality star who has a track record of taking her second chances and screwing them up royally. After getting arrested last year on drug charges, she turned around and did it again, this time for getting into a very nasty and very public fight. Then there were the violations for doing drugs. Loving Jace wasn't enough to keep her from forgetting about him each time she screwed up, so what's to prove she won't do it again?

Her mom Barbara has kept custody of Jace while Jenelle has "filled in," giving him a bath or playing with him. As many issues as Barbara has (and there are many), she's served as the stable influence in the child's life while the kid's mom was off getting high and fooling around on the beach. Now Jenelle has moved out of her mom's house. She's Tweeting pictures of a new boyfriend. She's starting a website (and the photos of her and Jace that she says will go on the site are absolutely adorable). She's taking classes.

She's saying Jace is her priority. But classes can only teach you cold, hard facts about parenting. They can't make you put your child first. You have to want to be a good parent in order to be a good parent.

If she really loves Jace, the best thing Jenelle can do for him right now is make proving herself worthy of being his custodial parent her number one priority. She needs to prove she's patient. Until she does that, no parenting class certificate in the world can prove she's got the right stuff to do the job.

Based on Jenelle's track record, does she deserve another chance with Jace? Now? Or should she wait awhile?


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