'Pan Am' Recap: Kate's Eastern Mission & Laura Don't Mix

kate pan amOn tonight's episode of Pan Am, sisters Laura and Kate were initially headed to Iceland ... until it seems suddenly, magically their crew's itinerary was switched. Within moments of encountering her CIA contact in front of her Manhattan apartment, Kate finds out she and Laura are going to sunny, tropical Rangoon in Southeast Asia. Forget the earmuffs -- it's bikini time! But Kate can't have any fun, because she's on a mission ... something involving transporting a camera.

Laura, who seems to have caught the "shutter bug," naively takes the uber-important camera as she runs off to party with Maggie in Jakarta (stop number two), and upon her return to the hotel, another sisterly shouting match goes down. Kate's accuses her sis of being unable to "stand on her own two feet" and brands her a big baby for wearing bunny slippers. Ha!


Laura then proceeds to tear up and get defensive about said bunny slippers. Is it just me, or isn't this sibling rivalry storyline played out already? I miss Colette's actual problems!

At least Kate and Laura weren't the only ones duking it out this week. In a couple of flashback scenes, we find out first officer Ted was a test pilot naval aviator, who was honorably discharged after a plane crash. Turns out he really wanted to be in the space program ... but the government had no more use for him, so he ended up flying commercial. Now, he's only second in command to cutiepie Dean, who Ted seems to think pulled some kinda monkey business to "jump the line" and get seniority as captain. And Ted can't cope, doubting Dean's game plan as they make a scary, windy approach into Hong Kong. The clash of the air bound male egos ends up with Dean asserting his power as the pilot and Tom responding with his fist in Dean's face. Thankfully, they make up upon landing in NYC ... once Dean explains that he jumped the line by giving a convincing elevator pitch to a Pan Am exec. And Ted's okay with the fact that Dean "made his own luck." Yay, now they can resume their (poor man's) Don Draper-Roger Sterling-esque relationship!

Meanwhile, also back home in the city, Kate meets up with her CIA contact and he says he'll have Laura reassigned, so the sisters don't fly together anymore. From the way she acted, you'd think Kate would be all about this. But no. Suddenly, she's had a change of heart and insists that her sister won't be a distraction or a problem. She even goes off and buys dear sis her very own camera! But when she returns to their apartment, Laura's gone. She's movin' in with Maggie! Eh, oh well. Maybe the distance will do the sisters a world of good!

Do you think it's time we moved on from Kate and Laura's sibling rivalry? What did you think about Dean and Ted's fight?


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