Sorry Hollywood, Mel Gibson Is No Robert Downey Jr.

robert downey mel gibsonLast night, Hollywood honored Robert Downey Jr. (love him!) with the 25th annual American Cinematheque Award. There were a lot of speeches. laughs, and applause and then Mel Gibson got up and made a speech and presented Downey Jr. with the award.

During his acceptance speech, Downey Jr. alluded to his own checkered past and time spent in rehab and said that it was time for Hollywood to forgive Gibson, who also clearly struggles with substance abuse problems.  Apparently the two actors are friends from way back (they starred in Air America together) and when Downey was down and out, it was Gibson who gave him a movie role (in the Singing Detective) and helped him put food on the table. Downey said all that Gibson asked in return was that Downey someday help out the next guy. Ironically," the next guy" turned out to be Gibson himself. The crowd gave Gibson a standing ovation.

Give me a freaking break. 


Mel Gibson is no Robery Downey Jr. Sure they may both have struggled with addiction and maybe it interfered with their work ethic on the set or something, but that's where the similarities end. The reason Hollywood and the public "turned" on Mel, isn't because he's an addict, but because he's an A-hole (pardon my French).

If you remember, good 'ole Mel Gibson made anti-Semitic remarks to a cop after a drunk driving arrest. He cheated on Robin Gibson, his wife of 28 years with whom he had 7 children. He admitted he hit his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in the face while she was holding their baby daughter Lucia and left her sickening misogynistic, racist messages. He supposedly hit her so hard  that he knocked her teeth out and gave her a concussion. Later, he said she deserved it.

The alcohol didn't do those things. The drugs didn't do those things. Mel Gibson said and did those things. They reveal his character -- who he is as a person. Certainly, Mel is to be commended for staying clean, but that doesn't make him a nice guy.

As far as I know, Robert Downey Jr. never hit a woman and said she deserved it, or hit a woman who was holding a baby, or made anti-Semitic remarks. He drank and did drugs and got arrested a bunch of times because of it. He probably let his co-workers down sometimes. But he wasn't a violent, nasty, woman hater. The things Robert Downey Jr. did are forgivable. The things Mel Gibson has done are not.


Do you think Hollywood should forgive Mel Gibson the way it did Robert Downey Jr.?



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