Actor Zachary Quinto 'Outed' By Magazine Editor

zachary quintoIf actor Zachary Quinto of American Horror Story, Star Trek, and Margin Call wanted the world to know he was gay, he'd probably tell us. But in fact, it appears that, until now, Quinto actually preferred to keep his sexual orientation private. He's never talked about it openly.

So what the hell was New York magazine contributing editor Mark Harris thinking when he "outed" Quinto via Twitter last night?

Here's what @MarkHarrisNYC tweeted:


Congratulations to Zachary Quinto, out and proud in the new issue of New York Magazine

Quinto has long been supportive of the gay community and he's played a series of gay roles throughout his career. He recently joined the cast of American Horror Story on which he plays a gay homeowner, he played a man who left his AIDS-stricken lover in Angels in America, and Quinto also appeared in an "It Gets Better" video against gay bullying.

Just because someone is open-minded, that doesn't mean he's gay. But if he is, and he wants to tell the world, he's fully capable of doing so himself. Apparently Quinto has done just that. In the New York magazine interview to which Harris was alluding, Quinto does refer to himself a few times as a "gay man." But here's the thing: The article was published online this morning and won't be on newsstands until tomorrow; Harris' tweet went out last night.

So, yes, Quinto is gay (sorry, ladies). Yes, he's made it public -- but in a very understated way. It's obvious he's not the kind of guy who wanted a lot of fanfare or a big marching band to help him make his "big announcement." I think Harris jumped the gun by  tweeting the news before the article went up. He did it to generate publicity and get readers for the article, and  sadly, it's working because being gay is still an "issue." I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to the day when someone's sexuality isn't big news.


Here's Quinto's "It Gets Better" message:



What do you think of the magazine editor's tweet about Zach Quinto?



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