Rick Ross Well Enough After Collapse to Plug New Album (UPDATED)

Rick Ross I Love My BitchesRapper Rick Ross, 34, officially scared the bejesus out of his entourage and his fans today when he fell unconscious from an unspecified condition on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing back in Florida. Ah, but don't worry, that little old seizure or whathaveyou didn't keep Ricky grounded for long.

You won't believe how fast this guy bounced back.


Within a few hours of word getting out about Rick's collapse, he was tweeting from his hospital gurney and a few close friends tweeted that they had talked to him and he was doing fine. Then, get this ... Not long after that, Ross tweeted "Memphis here I come" along with this video on his Twitter, which, as you can see, shows he's up and at 'em again, on another plane bound for Memphis where he's still planning to perform tonight. Now that's dedication! Or just plain crazy (plane crazy?), we're not sure which.

Ross even used his post-collapse message to plug his new album God Forgives, I Don't (like he wouldn't), which will be released December 13, and to urge fans to buy it. Dang, this dude doesn't miss a beat, does he? Staying true to his fans and and to the business.

Glad to hear Mr. Ross is doing okay. Stay well, and take it easy!

UPDATE: This is awful news. Accordinger to TMZ, Rick Ross had a second episode (they're calling it a seizure) while in flight to Memphis for the second time today. The private jet had to make an emergency landing to get him medical attention. He is currently in a Birmingham hospital emergency room and said to be in stable condition. Sending our thoughts and prayers to Rick!


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