'Breaking Dawn' Collector's Issue: 8 Things Twi-Hards Hope to Find Inside

breaking dawn issue twilight People magazineRun, don't walk, Twilight fans, to your nearest newsstand -- because today is the day the special People magazine collector's issue The Stars of Twilight's Breaking Dawn is finally available. Oh yeah. A whole full-color glossy rag dedicated to the beautiful Robert Pattinson (Edward), Taylor Lautner (Jacob), and Kristen Stewart (Bella).

Here's what I'm hoping to find when I crack open my own crisp and colorful copy!


People tells us their issues is chalk full of on-set and behind-the-scenes photos, all kinds of scoop on the lives of all the stars and the real-life KStew and RPattz romance, plus sneak peeks from Bella and Edward's wedding day, honeymoon, and the birth of their child!

But as a true Twilight fan, here's what else I hope is hiding inside these glorious page. Think I'll get my wish?

  1. A fold-out centerfold of Taylor Lautner (Team Jacob!).
  2. Smelling salts (see #1).
  3. 10 secrets to scoring with a hot vampire.
  4. 10 best werewolf hangouts around the country.
  5. Top 10 complaints from a vampire wife (it'll make us feel better we can't be one)
  6. How to display your Twilight collectibles.
  7. Scratch and sniff vampire scent (Jacob always says it's gross, but I don't believe him)
  8. An RPattz and KStew wedding announcement. Wouldn't you die?

Are you going to pick this issue up? Today? What do you hope to see inside?


Image via People

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