Moving Van Spotted at Ashton Kutcher's: 5 Places He Might Be Headed!

moving truck Not the actual moving truckThere's more trouble in paradise the mess that is Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's marriage, or should I say ex-marriage? A moving truck was spotted at the couple's Los Angeles home yesterday. I guess those party photos of Kutcher and 23-year-old Sara Leal at the Hard Rock Hotel weren't exactly a convincing factor for Demi to reconsider the $290 million divorce and stick around. 

So the big question is: Who's moving out? Well if you ask me, it's gotta be Ashton. Demi and her three kids are way too established there. And plus -- Kutcher has loads of housing options. Let's explore some of his best options, shall we?


1. Sara Leal's parents' basement: As a 23-year-old girl, I have high doubts that Sara is completely independent of her parents, so it's off to Sara's mom and dad's house! What proud parent wouldn't like to brag that their daughter's new boo is a big huge celebrity type? And this way, Ashton and Sara can share some more "moments that are real" together.

2. His Two and a Half Men trailer: Kutcher's two-story trailer on the TV show set is actually so big it has its own zip code. OK, so that's a little bit exaggerated. But it's huge, and has everything from seven 60-inch 3D plasma screens and a kitchen with granite countertops to a conference area. I'm surprised the entire Kutcher/Moore family didn't move into the $8,750/ week trailer when Ashton took over Charlie Sheen's gig. It's just that cool.

3. Forman's basement: How much fun did Eric Forman's basement look back in the day on That '70s Show? Seriously, if I had the chance to lounge around with Topher Grace and stare at Mila Kunis on the regular, I'd never leave!

4. Random girl's beds: Back in the day, Kutcher was no stranger to bed surfing. He told Parade Magazine that during his modeling days, he would hook up with different girls so he could "sleep some place nice for the night."

5. The Kabbalah Centre: Last weekend, Ashton and Demi were spotted camping out with their Kabbalah instructor. Not exactly normal behavior, if you ask me. However, if the instructor was willing to take the couple into the woods and talk with them about their marriage issues, then taking in just Ashton should be a breeze!

Nevertheless, whether or not it's Ashton or Demi taking the plunge and leaving their lovenest, it's about time the two take some much-needed space. What's the point of getting that divorce otherwise?

Who do you think is moving out? Ashton or Demi?


Image via blmurch

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