Lindsay Lohan Is Probably Headed Back to Jail

lindsay lohanThe American Dental Association isn't the only organization pissed off at Lindsay Lohan. The entire judiciary system is pretty peeved at the young lady for failing to meet the requirements of her probation. Back when Linds was charged with stealing that necklace, the judge gave her a few specific rules to follow: 1) see a psychologist once a week and 2) perform 360 hours of community service. And guess what. Lindsay's done neither. And guess what else? Lindsay's due in court next week for a progress report.

Ooooooooooh!! Someone's in trrrrooooouuuubbble!!!


Lindsay has until May 2012 to complete all her community service hours, but I don't think the judge will be too pleased with her progress thus far. Linds has been essentially fired from her volunteer work at the Women's Center for leaving early and for missing scheduled appointments. Strike one.

Regarding not seeing a therapist, Linds' excuses is that she's been working. Had she really wanted to comply with the order, she could've Skyped with a psychologist, or seen one wherever she was working, or god knows, pick up the damn phone, but instead she chose to just blow that off. She was busy! Those lines of coke weren't going to snort themselves!

Seems to me that Lindsay's looking at some jail time. I know that celebrities are usually let off easy, but I have a feeling that everyone is sort of over Ms. Lohan's antics and the judge might be eager to make an example out of her. Lilo served 13 days in 2010, but this time, the sentencing maybe a lot harsher. When you piss people off, like a judge, they tend not to pity you.

I only want what's fair (OK, OK, and I want more pics of Linds' in an orange jumpsuit) because no one should be able to just blow off a judge's orders. Maybe while in prison Lindsay can work on herself. You know get real jacked up and come out looking like Sara Conner in Terminator 2. Then when released, she could come and kick the shit out of me for saying she should go to jail. Alls fair in love and lock-ups.

Do you think Lindsay will go to jail?


Photo via americanistadechiapas/Flickr

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