Dina Manzo Is Nuts to Choose Teresa Giudice Over Sister Caroline

dina manzoI'm not gonna lie, when Dina Manzo left The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I wasn't happy. Even though she wasn't the most compelling of cast members, she, I don't know, just added something different to the group. And based on the fact that she up and quit the bitch because she didn't want to be near toxic Danielle Staub, I considered her to be a pretty good judge of character. I've recently learned that's not the case.

We'll find out all the juicy details on Sunday's reunion, but apparently Dina and sister Caroline aren't on speaking terms right now because of Teresa. The shocking part? Dina is on Team Teresa. What?!


You may recall, Teresa named Dina the Godmother of her most recent poorly-behaved child. Since Dina's not on the show anymore -- and since Teresa and Caroline (and Teresa and Jacqueline) don't get along anymore -- I kind of forget that the Dina and Teresa were/are tight. In fact, I assumed that when Dina left the show, she faded out of all the Housewives' lives, save for her family members'.

Apparently, I couldn't be more wrong. Apparently, the two women are still very close if Dina is taking Teresa's side over her own sister and sister-in-law's. This bums me out. Not only because Teresa sucks, but because clearly my judge of Dina's character that she's a good judge of character was way off.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of gray area when it comes to Teresa and her constant feuding with others. It's her, plain and simple. Writing nasty things about Caroline in the intro of her cookbook was flat-out wrong. And let's not forget that she had a problem with every single other housewife this season. Every one! I don't know why Dina would choose to be on her obnoxious side as opposed to Caroline's. But I'm guessing we'll find out on Sunday. And it's going to be glorious.

Are you on Team Teresa or Team Caroline?


Image via Bravo

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