Julianne Hough Is The Best Thing About 'Footloose'

Julianne HoughIn theory I would love to see Footloose tonight on opening night. I say, "in theory" because no one will go with me. The remake of the 1980's classic may totally bomb, but no matter how much else about the film is silly, contrived and unnecessary, Julianne Hough as Ariel, the spunky preacher's daughter, will make it well worth my $12.

Full disclosure first: I am a huge Footloose fan and I did not think the movie needed to be remade. That said, the one thing I always hated about the movie, even as a kid, was Lori Singer as Ariel.

She was a perfectly fine actress, if a bit melodramatic, but she was not a dancer as I recall and she was also (don't hate me for saying this) so painfully thin and unappealing that it made me uncomfortable to look at her. Basically, I never believed her in the role.


There was something so whiny and unsexy about Ariel in the old Footloose that it was hard to buy her as such a significant love interest.

Hough is adorable and sexy and clearly extremely talented when it comes to dance. She was the absolute perfect find for the role. She is the only part of the remake that was needed. Of course, everyone else has aged around her, so maybe an update was in order.

But what will become of the original? This is the problem with remakes like this and The Thing, too. When the original is close to perfect, why does it have to be remade or updated?

Prior to hearing Hough was in the cast, I would have never gone to see it. Now she is the main draw for me. I think she is a much stronger Ariel, in fact. No one can top Kevin Bacon or John Lithgow, but Ariel could use an update. She is the only part of the film that seemed dated.

Besides, who does not just want to SQUEEZE Julianne Hough. She is totally adorable.

Will you go see it?

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