Bhutan Introduces Their Own Kate Middleton

Is there anything more romantic than a royal person marrying a commoner? We all grew up on it in fairy tales and this year we have seen it... twice. First in England and now in... Bhutan!

Lest you think only Wills and Kate Middleton can get all fancy for a royal wedding, there is another royal wedding to prove you wrong. Only this one -- between Bhutan's 31-year-old "Dragon King" and a 21-year-old student -- was far less mobbed.

King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and commoner Jetsun Pema married in an elaborate Buddhist ceremony on Thursday, but without all the craziness of the British royal wedding. There were no rock stars in attendance or perfect rear ends to watch sashay down after their sisters.

It was just two people who have known each other since he was 17 and she was 7 joining hands forever. It is the way every princess wannabe really imagines it, right?


The King, who appears smitten with his new bride, will only take one wife, which is, apparently, a change from older times. And since the two have known each other since childhood, there is something very Sleeping Beauty-esque about it all.

The people of Bhutan -- a very happy country anyway -- are said to be as thrilled as the rest of the world was when Kate Middleton married Wills. Even without the international attention and live coverage, a royal wedding is something to behold.

Maybe we all read too many fairy tales as children because in the end, one's chances of marrying a prince or king are lower than getting struck by lightning. Twice. Two people in love and girl going from commoner to royalty just like that is the stuff Hollywood movies are made of.

It's no wonder 10 billion people would want to watch Wills and Kate. What is more amazing is being royalty and managing a quiet, romantic affair without too much of the world's attention. See below:

Beautiful, no?

I wish the happy couple all the happiness -- and less of the scrutiny -- of any other royal couple.

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