Lindsay Lohan Can't Hide All That's Wrong Inside (PHOTO)

lindsay lohanIf there was any question as to whether Lindsay Lohan had fallen off the wagon, new photos of her on the red carpet for the THQ launch of Saints Row: The Third video game should clear that right up in no time.

Suffice it to say that Lindsay is not looking like herself these days. The bright-eyed, freckled, gorgeous red-haired beauty we fell in love with is worlds away. Here, Lindsay looks decades older than 25, exhausted, sad, and I'll just say what you're already thinking:

Totally strung out.


You may think I'm a horrible person for highlighting her flaws and imperfections in this photo and wish I'd just give her a break already! But that's precisely the problem: She's been given too many breaks and she's not getting any better. You would think that several trips to rehab and some time in the graybar hotel would help her to appreciate life and change for the better. But Lindsay is like Teflon -- nothing healing, positive, or transforming ever seems to stick.

There are those who think that Lindsay's career is over; as someone who has memorized each and every word of Mean Girls, I can assure you this isn't the case. But that's provided she has the confidence, desire, and dedication to work hard and get it back. Unfortunately, showing up on the red carpet with yellowed teeth, puffy eyes, a spacey expression, and bad plastic surgery only suggests that the opposite is true.

Lindsay always tries to act like everything's fine. But we all know she's had a really tough go of it -- with the pressures of fame, loser parents, and struggles with drugs and alcohol. If ever there were a cry for help, this photo would be it. Unfortunately, the only person who can help Lindsay this late in the game is ... herself.


Image via Valerie Macon/Getty

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