Go as Kate Middleton for Halloween Without Looking Lame

kate middleton halloween maskThis was inarguably Kate Middleton's big year, so it's no surprise that there's been a lot of buzz about people wanting to dress up as her for Halloween. And no, we're not talking 5-year-olds donning mini versions of the "Princess Kate" bridal gown or sapphire engagement ring. Grown-ups want to dress up as the Duchess, too! Groan. Yeah, she married Prince William, but otherwise, she really is a 29-year-old English woman. There's nothing freaky, scary, zany, wacky, or even all that eye-catching about dressing up JUST like Kate. In other words, it would definitely be a lame Halloween costume for an adult.

UNLESS ... you were to do some kind of comedic, exaggerated spin on her look!


You could be ...

Trampy College Kate - You do your best to impersonate the Duchess when she was merely a college student, wearing the famous "see-through dress" she wore to a charity event. Your guy can tag along as the horny college version of Prince William drooling all over you and snapping your photo and bidding on you!

British Wedding Guest Kate - This would basically be figuring out how BIG and crazy you can make your own version of a "fascinator" (aka headpiece or hat). 

Roller Disco Kate - Back in 2008, Kate dressed up like a sexy roller gal from the '70s and fell flat on her butt. You could, too!

Cowgirl Kate - Let down your hair and be the Queen's worst nightmare as the rodeo version of the Princess!

See, there are lots of ways to have fun with this! But then again, it might just be more fun to go with something -- or someone -- actually Halloween-y. Like Lady Gaga!

Would you ever consider dressing up as Kate Middleton for Halloween?


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