Kate Middleton Nude Hose Are Now a Fashion Must (PHOTOS)

kate middletonIt was only a matter of time, wasn't it? How much longer could the world exist without a line of Kate Middleton-inspired nude hosiery? Answer: Not much longer.

UK Department store Debenhams decided to take the reins on this inevitable foray and just announced their new line of "invisible skin-tone hosiery" for all skin shades, and they've even managed to reduce that horrid shiny effect that automatically makes people shy away from nude tights. The stockings are available in olive, bronze, coffee, beige, and honey, and will come in three different sizes for around five bucks a pop.

You guys. I never thought I'd say this, but ... I think I'm about to purchase a one-way ticket on the nude hose train. And I may never come back.


We've expressed our feelings on flesh-toned stockings here on The Stir before -- and we haven't exactly been for it. But I'm starting to think that with the right pair, they might actually be a game changer. Sometimes you're just not in the mood for black opaques and it's way too cold out to go bare-legged.

If you'll check out the photos from Debenham's blog below, it really doesn't look like any of the models are wearing anything on their legs.



The first two models seem to have had a really drastic change in the color of their skin tone, which I'm not really into, but I don't notice anything on the last two. And that's exactly what we want in our nude hose, now isn't it?

I don't live in the UK -- and don't have plans to visit any time soon -- but I think I'm going to poke around online (and, oh yeah, New York City) to find a solid pair of sheen-free, realistic-looking stockings. If I can't, well, a trip to jolly ol' England may be in order. Like I said, could be a game changer.


Image via WPA Pool/Getty/Debenhams

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