Scarlett Johansson Can Take Naked Photos in Peace Again

scarlett johanssonIf I were Scarlett Johansson, I'd be throwing back a few brews right about now. Today's big news: The man who hacked her cellphone and distributed her naked photos across the web has finally been caught. Thirty-five-year-old Christopher Chaney was arrested in Jacksonville after an 11-month investigation by the FBI and is allegedly responsible for hacking into 50 victims' accounts, including celebrihotties Mila Kunis and Christina Aguilera, among others.

The shocker: If convicted on all 26 counts, Creepy McCreepster will face 121 years in prison. That's a whiiiillllle behind bars if you ask me. Talk about messing with the wrong group of women! Sure, justice has been served, but the issue I see here: Has anyone learned anything from all of this?

My guess: Probably not.

There are many times that, as human beings, we do things that aren't exactly in line with the moral code. What makes those bad things even worse is others finding out. There's no doubt that Scarlett and the rest of the hacked celebs felt mortified when the world got a sneak peek at their dirty laundry. However if you ask me, once an exhibitionist, always an exhibitionist.

Simply take a look at Scarlett's body of work, and you can see she has no problem whatsoever exposing a little skin. We didn't exactly need Chaney to steal her cellphone pictures to see her best assets when we have films like A Love Song for Bobby Long on DVD and a bajillion half-naked magazine covers to gawk at.

This is the kind of egotistic world that celebrities live in, and we are all enablers. Scarlett knows she's gorgeous, I myself even told my coworkers how great I thought her backside looked in the hacked pics (guilty). While she may have learned to delete her personal pics after sending them, I doubt she'll stop taking them because she knows they look goooooood. Hell, if I were her, I wouldn't stop either. That's just the way the cookie crumbles, I suppose.

Do you think potential hackers will stop celebrities from taking nude photos?

Image via Splash News

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