Prince Harry Has a Thing for American Girls

prince harryI don't want to brag and say I was always Team Harry over Team William, but I was totally Team Harry over Team William. And now that there's a story about how the handsome Prince Harry "rescued" a damsel in distress after she was thrown in a hotel pool, I might get to officially rest my case. My love for the ginger didn't win me any fans back in the day, but whatever. It's now such a non-issue because FACT: William is now a balding, horsey married man and Harry is hanging out in San Diego having a good old time. Team Hare Bear all the way.

I mean, just listen to how this princely gentleman helped a young lady out of a pickle.


So he's in San Diego, California for military Apache helicopter training and decides to blow off some steam with some buddies by taking in an English rugby match on the roof of the Andaz Hotel. Suddenly, our Harry hears a splash and turns to see that a young woman, Lindsay Swagerty, 23, was thrown into the rooftop pool with all of her clothes on. Oh no!

Our Prince dashes poolside and wraps his towel around Lindsay. Yada yada yada, they meet up for drinks the next night. In Harry's world, that's how it's done. You help a lady out, you take her out for drinks, you're a hero.

Also? Do not get me started on how lucky this girl is. Everyone now knows that the Queen's down for her grandsons to marry commoners, so she might have a shot, especially since Hare Bear is kind of a wild child and just might be the prince to marry an American.

So here's what we know: Prince Harry is stateside. He likes rooftop bars. He likes helping out women who are wet, and he likes American girls named Lindsay.

Boo yah.

Are you a fan of Prince Harry? Do you think he's hotter than William?


Photo via WPA Pool/Getty

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