Monster Secrets About Lady Gaga's 'Marry the Night' Video Revealed

lady gaga walking in soho new york octoberLady Gaga was spied shooting the video for her fifth single off of Born This Way -- how exciting! I'm psyched for the video of the Whitney Houston-esque album opener "Marry the Night," which is my second favorite track on the album (first place is definitely "Heavy Metal Lover"). Turns out, on Monday, Mother Monster was on set at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center in Staten Island.

MTV dished with the CEO of the center, who said, "We found both her and her crew to be easy to work with and low-key. I think we would have expected a lot of drama, and the truth is, she is probably the most down-to-earth person. It was endearing. She was friendly and kind." Well, YEAH! Plus, even though she is a Manhattan girl, I'm sure she was having a blast shooting the vid in one of the five boroughs.

So what can we expect from the clip? (WARNING: Don't read on if you hate potential spoilers!)


Although Gaga made attempts to keep the set and her costumes concealed -- even wearing a white sheet over her outfit in front of onlookers -- there are definitely bits and pieces emerging from the rumor mill! Here, several things we may see in the video ...

  • Ballerinas in aqua and bright pink leotards and leopard print. This according to tweets from fans. Apparently, dancers and extras were spied in various looks along these lines. Also ... dancers were seen wearing bandages on their heads and hospital gowns! HA!
  • Dina. She was one of Gaga's original back-up dancers back in '08 and Stef accidentally hit Dina in the mouth with her microphone during a performance of "Just Dance." Whoops! Well, at least I guess there are no hard feelings!
  • Lady Gaga's MOM! Cynthia Germanotta was seen on set, getting made up! Not sure if she'll actually appear in front of the camera, but I wouldn't be surprised if she did! Wouldn't be the first time Gaga hired a fam member as an extra -- remember when sis Natali was a fellow female prisoner "Telephone"?
  • Heavy eye makeup, an updo ... and a tutu? One fan spotted Gaga wearing thick, black eyeliner with her hair done up. Another saw her with short hair wearing a tutu! Interesting!
  • A Glee cast member! One fan tweeted that one of our favorite Lima Losers is in the video! Whaaa?!
  • FIRE! An actual fire broke out on set, but no one knows if it was part of the shoot or an accident!
  • A dramatic final scene. Multiple sources say the final scene has Gaga in a bathtub and a little girl strapped to a table. Weird!

All in all, it sounds like we're in for a sweet ride on this one! I can't wait!

What are your thoughts on these spoilers? Who do you think the Glee star in the video might be?


Image via Nancy Rivera/Splash News

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