Ashton Kutcher's Alleged Party Girl Lover Tells All: Surprise, Surprise

If you believe in the "if there's smoke, there's fire" adage, things aren't looking too good for Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher lately. Kutcher just can't shake the rumors that he cheated on Moore with Sara Leal, and unfortunately he seems to have forgotten the golden rule about celebrity cheating: you don't screw a civilian. Especially if she's a known party girl who would be more than happy to collect a fat tabloid paycheck for ratting on your (allegedly) philandering ass.

As if the hotel photos published by Star weren't bad enough, now Us Weekly has released an exclusive interview with Leal. Perhaps it was a coping mechanism to deal with the trauma of being loved and lost, or perhaps it was the scent of a stack of money being waved under her nose, but Ms. Leal was more than happy to share all the dirty details of her, ah, brush with fame.


The headline on the magazine reads "How Kutcher seduced 22-year old Sara Leal," which is pretty hilarious considering his wily seduction tactics seem to have consisted of getting wasted and hanging out in a hot tub with Leal and another chick, all of them naked ("I didn't think it was out of the ordinary," Leal said, thus blowing that whole "innocent young girl who never had a one night stand before" thing Us was going for out of the Jacuzzi).

At some point in the early hours of dawn, Kutcher "lost his towel" ("Oops . . . the wind"), Leal lost her robe, and the two of them lost themselves in each other's arms. Or other body parts. According to Leal, Kutcher was "good," and "it wasn't weird or perverted."

It may not have been freaky, but it sure was stupid. If it really happened the way she said, not only was Kutcher cheating on his wife, he was cheating on his wife in a situation where the power balance was totally off. Kutcher has everything to lose in this scenario, and Leal has—well, everything to gain, assuming her goal is a brief moment in the spotlight followed by the inevitable porn offers and reality show deals.

Oh, and apparently Kutcher didn't wear a condom. So really, we're just talking about some really solid decision-making all the way around.

Leal claims that after a second round, Kutcher busted out some pillow talk, saying,

I enjoy things like this because I'm an actor 90 percent of the time and it's fake. It's nice to have moments that are real.

Yeah. REAL DUMB. Because when you're a massive celebrity with an A-lister wife and a brand new TV show, the drunk party girl you drilled in your hotel room is never going to keep your secret for you.

I can't lie, I'm as interested in this trainwreck as anyone else, but I'm equally bummed out by every new detail. Don't you find that even in these scandalous Hollywood marriage meltdowns, you secretly hope the rumors are wrong -- because it's just so depressing to think how the other partner must feel? I'm kind of hoping Demi is cooking up some serious revenge right now. Maybe she can kick him back to trucker-hat-ville and he can try to re-earn his fame on his own merit -- seems like it would be nice for him, really. So many more real moments.

What's your take on the whole Ashton mistress thing? Do you think he really is a serial cheater, or has he just had bad luck with tabloids?

Image via Us Weekly

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