Robert Pattinson Has What Other Hot Vampires Want

Stephen Moyers
Stephen Moyer as Robert Pattinson
OMFG, is that Robert Pattinson!?? Nope, that's actually another vampire hottie, True Blood star Stephen Moyer, who was recently spotted arriving at the airport in Toronto, Canada. We totally understand why you might have thought this was Robert Pattinson. We did too -- because Moyer is totally decked out in the signature RPattz-at-the-airport look. He's got the messy hair and morning whiskers going on, the layered leather-jacket-over-hoodie look, and the stoic stare. He even has some rips in his jeans. What gives, Stephen?


If 40-something vampire hottie Stephen Moyer is trying to go unnoticed at the airport, then why oh why did he dress himself like his fellow 20-something hottie vampire Rob Pattinson, you know, the guy who has the ladies completely OMFG flipping out and chasing him everywhere he goes? This can only mean one thing about Stephen Moyer.

He's simply not getting enough fang-banger attention.

Nope, Bill Compton isn't quite raking in the groupies like Edward Cullen, and Moyer probably doesn't understand why. After all, both actors star in the hottest vampire hits out there, they're both British, and they're both sweet on their leading ladies. So why is Pattinson getting all the Twi-hard action? I guess Moyer thought it was the clothes. Maybe he figured his airport style choices were standing in the way of Ultimate Vampire Hottie Success.

Well, it worked on us. At first glimpse, we practically spilled a Twilight movie trailer's worth of screams before realizing we'd been tricked. Not that we mind. We love Stephen Moyer oh-so-much, too. We just want to know now if this "disguise" worked for you, Stephen. Did you get some shrieking Twi-hard action at the airport? Let us know.

Do you think Stephen Moyer was trying to channel Robert Pattinson?


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