'DWTS' Recap: Ricki Lake Outshines Even Cher

Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars has easily been the best season yet so far and we are only on episode 4. Every single one of the cast members is interesting and brings something unique to the ballroom. There are surprises and there is drama. It's television at its best.

But one of the biggest surprises this season has been Ricki Lake. When I heard the former talk show host was on the show, my expectations were rather low. I had no idea what to expect, in fact.

She has exceeded anyone's expectations.

Monday's theme was movies and everyone had an interesting take on the various films. Chaz Bono's set to Rocky's theme "Gonna Fly Now" was another highly memorable dance (and Cher was in the audience!). But Lake stole the show.


Tonight's dance set to the music of Psycho earned two perfect 10s. Plus it was just FUN. Both she and Derek Hough were all in black. I loved the shadow dancing, the music, the attitude. It was all there. For God's sake: She stole the show from CHER! Who would have imagined?

If I had to decide right now, my money would be on Lake to take home the mirror ball. She seems to have it all. And the funny thing is, she isn't a young dancer.

Nancy Grace has done everything in her power (including flashing, farting, and lord knows what else) to steal the show, but Lake is holding our attention with the thing the show is made to showcase -- dancing. It's fantastic to watch.

I had high expectations for Chynna Phillips, but she tanked in this episode. Really, Lake is the Jennifer Grey of this season, it seems. And my early money is on her against JR Martinez in the end.

Do you think Ricki Lake is a surprise?


Image via ABC

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