'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kyle & Kim Are Mean Girls

kim and kyle richardsLet me just get it out there: Brandi Glanville has no tact. And she's irritating. But she certainly is perceptive. Or, actually, I should say the other cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are the most oblivious women ever to gather and play the game "Celebrity." Did it really not dawn on a single one of them that Kim Richards was off-her-rocker inebriated? She went to the bathroom 274 times and, well, acted really inebriated.

Or maybe she was just the only one with the balls to say something.


Kim's obvious wastedness -- and Brandi's calling it out -- actually wasn't the star of Dana "Pam" Wilkey's game night, though. Kim and Kyle's meanness was. Holy shit, were they nasty! I could barely believe my ears. I like Kyle -- and Kim, sort of -- but I honestly didn't think this type of behavior existed in, like, real life. I've only witnessed it in movies like Mean Girls. And I grew up in Jersey! You guys, they actually made Regina George look sweet.

The two sisters sat there, giggling and pointing and talking crap loudly, about Brandi. (They even hid her crutches!) No, Brandi's not the most likable woman around, but come on! At least act like you like her to her face then talk about her behind her back like a normal housewife. When Kim flat-out said, "I don't like her" when she learned Brandi was part of her and Kyle's team -- and Kyle laughed -- I was like, "Daaaamn. This is how it is? This is so rude."

After taking what seemed to be an hour or so of ridicule, Brandi, rightfully, snapped. She called Kyle a bitch and said that Kim was obviously under the influence, and the sisters flipped out. They said she looked like a slut in her clothes and that she better "shut her God-damn mouth." What the f**k?! I seriously only thought Tina Fey was capable of writing this sort of thing. Bitch-es.

And, dude, Dana? She was incredibly rude, too. In her effort to get her nose as far up the Richards sisters' asses, she chimed in, making fun of Brandi. It was her party. You're supposed to break up fights at your party, not instigate them!

This was one of those episodes where I cringed, was shocked, and, well, kind of had a serious opinion change on a lot of the cast members. Kyle (and Lisa) has long been my favorite member of RHOBH. But now? Yikes, I think Brandi might be ahead of her. And Camille definitely is. That's no small feat, Kyle, no small feat at all.

Do you think Kim and Kyle were being mean girls tonight?


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