It's OK That Beyonce 'Plagiarized' Choreographer's Work (VIDEO)

beyonce countdown choreography Beyonce is such a bitch. OK, not really. That's just my jealousy talking. I can't help but be jealous after seeing her latest music video for her new song "Countdown" where -- even with her baby bump -- she's still looking flyer than fly. The moves and colors are fun, the vibe is artsy, but there is one eensy little problem here. She "borrowed" the choreography from somebody else by the name of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

The kicker: De Keersmaeker, a Belgian choreographer, had no idea whatsoever that B would be using her moves for the video. And although she's not mad, she is a tad offended -- to say the least:

"What's rude about it is they didn't even bother hiding it. They seem to think they could do it because it's famous work," De Keersmaeker said. "I didn't know anything about this ... but this is plagiarism. This is stealing."

Newsflash, De Keersmawhateveryournameis. This is what the entire entertainment industry is all about. It's art, not plagiarism.


First thing's first, watch Beyonce's "Countdown" video here:

Now watch a mashup of Beyonce's moves with De Keersmaeker's:

Is there an immeasurable amount of similarities at certain points of the video? Yes. However, it's not like Beyonce or any of her people ever claimed this was their own work. In fact, co-director of the video, Andria Petty, admitted to MTV that they pulled from a wide variety of influences for the new video, including German modern-dance *cough* Belgium is next door to Germany *cough*.

When Beyonce throws her own flair and style into the mix, the 30-year-old diva now has an entirely different video than the Belgian choreographer's original piece. If you ask me, this is more of a tribute to the original rather than a slap in the face. If I were De Keersmaeker, I'd be flattered it's making it into the mainstream music scene. Really, now her moves are everywhere! Being the honest momma she is, I'll bet you anything soon Beyonce will release some sort of statement like those stars always do, saying how much she was inspired by her unique perspective and blah-dy blah blah.

If De Keersmaeker is still convinced it's "rude," then perhaps she could think of this whole scenario in a different light: How often is there some wacky, wild new dance craze (i.e. "the Dougie," "the Harlem Shake," and "the Soulja Boy") that everyone sees for the first time, then re-creates and does on their own? At least Beyonce does Anne's choreography justice

Now, if only I could learn how to sexily tug at my shirt while looking that fierce, despite the fact I am NOT five months pregnant. 

What do you think of this tussle about Beyonce's "Countdown" video?


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