Kate Middleton May Have to Start Dressing Like Crap

kate middletonSo, turns out Kate Middleton's fashion icon status is a bit of a royal quandary for her and Prince William. See, they're afraid that her ability to rock a knee-length dress, hose, and nude pumps like nobody's business is going to eclipse her real duties as a princess, which are, you know, philanthropic stuff and supporting the United Kingdom. And of course, the Queen, who really doesn't want Duchess Catherine posing in American Vogue, agrees.

So, guess there's only one answer: Kate's going to have to start dressing like s**t.


Not. That's not going to happen. So the real answer is: The royal family is just going to have to accept it.

The reality is, Kate isn't just the future Queen of England. She's the tall, thin, attractive future Queen of England. And clothes, be they jeans and a sweater or a ball gown, look really good on her. And she has to wear clothes -- nice ones! -- because she goes to lots of philanthropic, U.K.-supporting functions. See, it's a catch-22. She'll never win this one!

In her defense, though, Kate has kept it somewhat low-profile when it comes to her clothes (even if we do go gaga for anything she steps out in). She's recycled dresses, jackets, and of course, shoes -- which is something rarely done by a celebrity. She also doesn't typically don super high-end, fancy designer clothes, favoring more local British designers and chain stores. And her hair -- even though it's the prettiest hair I ever did see -- always looks the same: Blown out with some curls at the bottom.

So looks like William, Kate, and the rest of the royal family are just going to have to deal with Kate's fashion icon status. Because, try as she might, it's not going anywhere. And there's no way she's going to start dressing like s**t.

Do you think of Kate as a fashion icon?


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