Former Weezer Bassist's Death Is Sad & Eerie

Mikey Welsh TweetsThis weekend, former Weezer bassist, Mikey Welsh, was found dead in a Chicago hotel. He was just 40 years old and joins the unfortunate club of great musicians who have died long before their time. In a strange and eerie twist to this story, however, it seems he predicted his death via Twitter less than two weeks ago.

On September 26, he tweeted: 'dreamt i died in Chicago next weekend (heart attack in my sleep). need to write my will today.' That was followed by a correction that read: "correction - the weekend after next." Unfortunately, his prediction was correct, and his former band mates and fans now mourn the loss of a great talent.


While he was only with the band for about three years, he was with them for one of their most significant albums -- "The Green Album," which was released in 2001 featuring the popular hit "Hash Pipe." Shortly after they saw that success he left the band due to a "nervous breakdown." Since then he has worked as a painter and fathered two children, but he has kept in touch with his band mates and was planning to attend Weezer's performance at Riot Fest today in Chicago. Sadly, he never made it.

While the cause of his death is currently unknown and under investigation, the very nature of his profession makes us question what kind of personal demons may have come into play. Authorities indicate it's likely Welsh's contributed to his.

According to the Chicago Tribune, narcotics are suspected. Found in his hotel room were prescription drugs and "a ziplock-type bag containing white powder, which was suspected to be heroin." Was it a self-fulfilling prophecy, a planned suicide, or just a random coincidence that he accidentally overdosed on the same day he predicted his death? We may not know for some time, and may never really know.

Not that any cause of death would be welcome, but it's especially sad to see young lives taken needlessly, lives like Welsh's that were so big and full of potential. Our thoughts are with his family and friends who are surely agonizing over his prediction and wondering if there's anything they could have done to intervene and to prevent his death. Likely, there's nothing anyone could have done, because as we've seen with so many other stars before him, sometimes no matter how many signs there are that a person is in trouble, there's nothing that can save them. RIP, Mikey Welsh.

Are you a fan of Weezer? What do you think of his death prediction?

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