Amber Portwood's Hospitalization Is a Wake-Up Call

amber portwoodTeen Mom Amber Portwood isn't doing so well ... again. Just six weeks out of rehab, the 21-year-old mother of Leah, 2, was hospitalized on Wednesday for severe panic attacks and difficulty breathing. She was in rehab in Malibu to treat her depression and anger management problems, but it would seem that she didn't get all the help she probably needed. Amber told E! News that she still feels suicidal.

We all know that the troubled teen mom hasn't had an easy go of it. From suicide attempts to domestic violence charges to custody battles to rumors of a drinking problem, Amber's been through the ringer. However, maybe this latest hospitalization is the wake-up call she, and her family, needed.


Because someone's gotta do something. We were all hopeful when Amber checked out of rehab and flew straight to Indiana to spend quality time with her daughter in August because it was sort of like she had a new lease on life -- Amber was supposedly in better control and in a better head-space after her treatment, but now it seems like she's gone back to her old ways.

She explained:

Honestly, I feel like I did two months ago. I'm still suicidal. I'm f-cking depressed. My family's not together.

She's been chided for not visiting Leah that often, but retorts that she sees her daughter whenever she can. Since ex-boyfriend Gary has custody, there are rules on when she can and can't visit her little one.

Amber clearly needs help. She's depressed, she's panicking so much so that she stopped breathing and was sent to the ER, and she's lonely. I mean, she said that she's having thoughts of suicide. Can't someone step in here and insist she gets good advice and aid? Maybe she could see a therapist twice a week, or try a different rehab facility.

The important thing is that someone hears Amber's patent cries for help. Possibly her mom, or Gary's family, or heck, even Dr. Drew could intervene and give Amber the support she needs right now. Even if she's making this all up for attention, which I don't believe is the case, lying would still be a sign that something isn't right. It would be a tragedy if Amber goes unheard.

Do you think Amber is just trying to get attention? Or do you think she's in real danger?


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