Justin Bieber's Haircut Was Toy Maker's Worst Nightmare

justin bieberYoung girls may shriek with utter excitement when Justin Bieber changes his hair, but toy makers scream in utter horror. When the Biebs changed-up his signature lesbian bang-sweep cut back in February and got a shorter, more boyish style, toy manufacturers Bridge Direct were not amused. With thousands of dolls rocking the original haircut in production, the company's CEO knew that his Bieber Barbies (my name, not theirs) were going to be antiquated relics by the time they hit the shelves. They had to change the doll's hair.

And it wouldn't be cheap.


After what I imagine was the silliest meeting on the planet that left brand-managers wondering what they were doing with their lives, the company came up with a plan to adjust the doll's hair. They consulted a ton of images of Bieber's new look and knew they that their doll had to keep up with the Biebs new look.

It cost the company $100,000 to re-design fake Bieber's plastic head of hair. That's one expensive haircut. Some dolls were already made with his old 'do, but the second round of production, and every round after, all have his new look. Phew, right?!

I wonder what would've happened if the Biebs had dyed his hair orange, or gotten a buzz cut or a mohawk. Those would've made for some costly toy changes, I'm sure.

Who knows, maybe the Bieber Barbies with the old side-swept bangs will become collectors items. Fans can buy them and reminisce about how Justin used to flip his bangs out of his face with one fair head jostle, and how he used to brush them to the side when he worked up a sweat on stage. Sexy stuff.

Aw, Justin. Always changing, always evolving. That's what we love about him. Thankfully, the toy makers are keeping up wiht JB, and keeping it real. The Bieber dolls with the new 'do will be on sale just in time for the holidays.

Would you or a fan you know be upset if their Bieber doll had the old haircut?


Photo via Charles Eshelman/Getty

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